Sunday, November 30, 2008

New This Week ~~

Sunday Morning is the morning when I look back at last week and evaluate what I accomplished and determine what direction I want to go in next week. For me, Sunday is a connector... from week to week.

My work is done in cycles ~ I first crochet / knit the item, then I put it through the felting process and then the items dry for a week.

Right now, I have a set of cool nesting bowls and 4 new bangles that have dried through out this past week. I plan to embellish the bangles today and will get some pictures taken if the sun comes out. You can see these items added to my shop throughout the coming week.

And here is what is new in my shop this past week ~ all available for purchase and truly make wonderful gifts.

Deep in the Ocean ~ Felted Bowl:

Classic Cables Knit Scarf ~ Peaches and Cream:

Teddy Bear's Picinic ~ Felted Booties:

Woodlands ~ Felted Bangle:

Overall, this past week was productive and included a good variety. I think it was one of my better weeks! Stop in and see how I measure up next week...


Unknown said...

that is a really beautiful scarf!

Unknown said...

I really love the scarf too.

LeelaBijou said...

oh lovely itams! very,very nice! ^_^

Doris Sturm said...

You are so talented, Valerie, your work shows quality and class. I love our little count-down widget ;-) on your's cute.