Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coffee Cozies ~~

Last week my 19 year old daughter got a new car... well, a used new car, but her first car that she bought on her own, complete with a small car payment. Of course she had to take me for a ride as she is very proud. It is a Saturn in a very pretty blue.

We stopped at the local quickie store and bought a cup of coffee and went on our way to enjoy a ride in the country on a sunny but cold day. Her car is great, but really, the cup holders in this particular model are not coffee-to-go friendly, so I had to hold my coffee the entire way. I never really understood the need for a coffee cozy until that day. The cup gets hot and it is very hard to enjoy your java when your fingers are hot!

So, when we got home, I knit this coffee cozy from 100% wool and put it through the felting process. I chose a pretty blue that matches her car as our ride was the inspiration for this creation. It came out to be a perfect fit and I have more to come.. in styles fit for guys and gals, so be on the look out for more.

Of course, if you would like one in a particular color or design, just contact me through etsy or artfire and I will be happy to make one just for you!


Welcome said...

Lovely cozy !! Really unique.

I know what you mean about cars and cup holders. We just bought a mid 90's era vehicle and it has a tiny cup holder, in an awkward spot way up high on the dashboard. It did have ash trays front and back, which seems old fashioned now.

Glad it inspired your pretty cozy though !!

Claire MW said...

Love the coffee cozy! I bought one a while ago from an online place called Coffee Couture. I love it, and every time I use it at a Starbucks or whatever, I hand it over and all the baristas say "Oh, that's so cute!" so I know it will be a big hit!

Claire MW said...

oops, my bad, it's

Might give you more inspiration!