Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Morning

As snow is slowing falling and the family is sleeping in I am enjoying this cup of coffee way too much!

It has been a very busy week for me and my head is finally not spinning quite so much!

Mom had her second cataract surgery on Tuesday and all went well. She has the doctors ok to drive again, so watch out Central NY!! I am glad she is now mobile and seeing the world again. My computer needed to go to the hospital as well, but now I am running full force and catching up on photographing and listing some new items. My son moved into his appartment yesterday, so we had a full day of cleaning, moving and stocking up his pantry. I am sure he will be happy in his cute little appartment.

While we were driving around town getting my son settled, I knit this gorgeous wool / silk blend scarfette. It is really soft and comfy! I love the way it looks in the back...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks gal for your post this am. Snowing still? Just came back from NY - White Plains, and it was in the 40's the whole time we were there - no rain, no snow - relieved that it didn't snow while we were there. Course - it's not much warmer here at home either.