Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Branched Cables

I found a lovely cable variance while looking through some of my knitting books recently.

I really like the way this branched cable design looks and flows and especially like the results when it is on an object ~ such as this wine bottle cozy.

The texture is interesting and fun at the same time.

The pattern for making this branched cable is worked over 10 stitches with reverse stockinette stitches on either side.  Note that I worked the bottle cozy in the round, so the actual pattern is reversed on the even rows as the front is always being worked.

Row 1: P3, CF4, P3
Row 2: K4 P4, K3
Row 3: P2, 3B, C3F, P2
Row 4: K2, P6, K2
Row 5: P1, C3B, K2, C3F, P1
Row 6: K1, P8, K1
Row 7: C3B, K4, C3F
Row 8: P8

** C3B =  slip next stitch onto a cable needle and hold at back of work, then knit next 2 stitches from left-hand needle, then kint stitch from cable needle
** CBF = slipe next 2 stitches onto a cabe needle and hold in front of work, knit next titche from left-hand needle, then knit stitches from cable needle.

You can also modify the direction the cables branch by switchin the first cable from front to back in the first row.

I also knit a cute little vase cozy with the same pattern.  I guess these are just too much fun to make!

What is your current knitting project? 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit With - Old Faithful

This morning I finished one of my 'old faithful' projects while the rest of the family slept. 

I call this project my 'old faithful' project because it is one of those projects that:
1) I don't want to think about the design as it is one that can be done mindlessly and I always can tell where I left off
2) There is no tracking a pattern as it is easily memorized
3) The result is a classic accessory that is easily worn and coordinated with my outfit of the day
4) A project that is always in my knitting bag, ready to take with me where ever I go

Basically, these projects are worked on while I am riding in the car, talking on the phone, waiting at an appointment or at knitting group when the conversations are so much fun that I can't concentrate on a difficult pattern.  (Know what I mean, April?)

The thing is with my 'old faithful' project is this - they seem to take forever to complete.  Because they are left waiting for a convenient time, I'm not in a hurry to get them done.  Although this one should have only taken a few days to complete, it has been with me where ever I go for the past month. 

So, here it is, a classic red cranberry scarf  with cables.  I used large size 11 needles and double worsted weight yarn.  The yarn is two very very slightly different shades of red/cranberry that gives just enough highlight to the colors to make it more interesting.

I think it is a classic - after all, everyone needs a red wool scarf.  And this one is knit with Mission Falls Washable Wool for an ever so soft next to skin comfort.

What are some of your 'old faithful' projects?