Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Booties ~~

I learned of an incredible yarn website from one of my etsy hooker friends recently and I found they carry some really lucious colors in wool. I spent about an hour making my choices, met the requirement for free shipping and then waited impatiently for '3 whole days!" (Which I consider fast shipping, really).

First, I layed out all the yarn on my kitchen table and just admired it. I left it there for quite awhile and my husband really started getting worried that he may not ever sit down to eat again. Every time I would walk by, I would stop and soak in the colors. After I came to the conclusion that we had to eat once in awhile, I moved all the yarns to the living room. Two overstuffed chairs now became the thrones for my wonderful stash, where they remained for two days. By this time, my family was getting a bit tired of sitting on the floor, so finally, I reluctantly moved them to my baskets.

My first project is a sweet pair of booties made of this wonderful blue/green color, which is labeled Tidepool Heather. I just called them raindrops. I hope you like them...

If you use yarn for your craft, I highly recommend visiting Knit Picks - http://www.knitpicks.com/
You can also see these booties and several others in my etsy shop: http://valeriesgallery.etsy.com/

Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Sights and Sounds of Summer

Today is the first full day of summer and living in Central New York state, that alone is cause for celebration. Mother Nature may not always realize that the calendar says it is summer around here and it has been documented that snow has fallen from the skies during this season here. But this morning is a perfect day and I couldn't resist taking some photos in my yard.

As I was walking around, the birds were happily singing to each other, the loons were calling and there was a woodpecker doing his thing nearby.

I am not what you would call a great gardner or green thumb. More often than not, what I plant typically dies. But I am lucky that there are some plants around here that the previous owner must have pampered and brought to fruition.

I am amazed at the roses, lilies, liliacs, violets, tulips, dafidols and iris that continue to bloom year after year. And I can't help but wonder about the life the lady of the home had over 100 years ago when our home was a working farm.

The cows belong to my neighbor across the road. They look like they are enjoying the beautiful day... I hope you enjoy the beginning of summer as well!

Post Script: I just had to add this picture of the rainbow that appeared in the evening. The perfect ending to a perfect day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blooming Roses

I made a recent on-line order for some fabulous wool yarn. Actually, quiet a large order and I just love all the beautiful colors and shades. You can't imagine the ideas that ran through my head when I opened the box.

One of the first projects completed with this yarn is a set of nesting bowls named Blooming Roses and I just had to give this it's own space on my blog.

In my eyes, I see a beautiful pink rose in the peek of bloom. I hope you enjoy it as well.

This set is available for purchase in my etsy shop: http://valeriesgallery.etsy.com/

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Clearance Sale in the Etsy Shop

I am slowly revamping my etsy shop by adding a wider variety of items and colors and would like to move some things out. So I am offering some great pieces at a very low price - $10 for each item.

Come on in and check them out for a steal of a deal:

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day

Today is Father's Day in the US and as a woman, I am guilty of not always understanding the male perspective. It may be that my husband and I have three girls and only one boy, so basically, girls rule in this house. But today I had a peek inside Daryl's mind that definately has me thinking a bit differently.

Our son is what you would call a typically 21 year old guy. Footloose and fancy free so to speak. He recently was offered a pretty good job in North Dakota and he starts on Monday. So, he packed up his truck with all the necessities: his tv, game cube, video games, ipod.... you know, the items that one just can't survive without. (Yes his Mom snuck in a box filled with toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps, shampoos, towels..... thank you very much :) and he drove out of the driveway early Saturday morning.

It is a 1700 mile trip in which he had no plans for stopping along the way for resting. Ok, maybe I could have done that at 21 myself, but I just can't picture it now. We estimated it would take about 24 hours start to finish.

Now, for the two weeks prior to this drive, both Daryl and Jason have been telling me (the MOM) not to worry. "Stop asking questions', they said, when I asked if he had an appartment or other "unimportant" things like that. Daryl says, "He'll be fine. Just stop worrying! He's a big boy now". And so, I stopped appearing as if I was worried, because just saying that would make it go away, you know.

Anyway, early this morning (about 23 hours after Jason's departure) the first words out of Daryl was, "Did Jason call yet this morning?". No, no call yet. About two hours later I hear Daryl leaving a message on Jason's cell phone, " Just seeing if you made it alright... Give us a call when you get a chance..."

Later in the day, Daryl and I went out shopping. In the car Daryl says, "Gee, I hope he made it alright and he would call or something". Ok, so I am starting to see a pattern here. So, I get on my cell phone and call the kid. Of course, we get the answer service.

We pull into the drive way and the first thing that Daryl does is look up the number of the hotel that the company had secured for Jason for the first week till he gets settled. I can't believe he called the motel! He had quite a long conversation with the front desk.... "no, don't ring him. I'm sure he's tired and sleeping, I just wanted to make sure he made it alright....."

He hangs up the phone and with quite a smile on his face...'Well, he made it. " Then he sat down in his chair and starting eating a bowl of peanuts.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Nesting Bowls ~

If you read my blog before, you know that I am always searching nature for inspiration. Summer is a great time to take in all the sights, sounds and smells that surround us each day.

After a long white winter in central NewYork, the blues and greens just pop and wake all of your senses.

To me, summer is planting flowers and vegetables, yard work and enjoying the evening on the porch or sitting by the fire once the sun has set. It is hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and watermelon. Fireworks, parades and days at the beach. Hiking and swimming and reading a good book.

I am very happy that summer has come once again. I hope that you enjoy your summer as much as I intend to this year. And here is a slice of watermelon so you can keep a bit of summer with you all year round.

This set of felted nesting bowls is available for purchase at http://valeriesgallery.etsy.com/
Please feel free to contact me if you have a special order.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Is Your Baby a Monster?

No way~~ Nothing can turn a sweet little guy into a monster! But I named these booties "Fuzzy Green Monsters" anyway.

I tried a new brand of yarn and these cuties came out so soft and fuzzy. They will just look adorable on those cute little toes!!

This pair of monster feet is available for purchase in my etsy shop: http://valeriesgallery.etsy.com/

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hair Ponies~~

I just had so much fun making these sweet hair ponies ~~

Who said wool is for winter? Keep your little girls hair up and her neck cool with these little lovelies

Available for sale at http://valeriesgallery.etsy.com

Monday, June 2, 2008

Celebrate America's Independence Day

It will soon be July 4th here in the US

Of course, most people do not think about wool or felted items during the heat of the summer, but I put my little brain in high gear trying to come up with some items that would reflect America.
How sweet are these hair ponies? Worn together or alone ~

Made with Goodie hair ties they are strong and durable. Embellished with either buttons or beads.

A set of Americana Nesting bowls will display your small goodies and keep your home organized.

This bright red vase is embellished with small white and clear beads around the neck. Envision this filled with fresh-cut wild flowers ~~~

These sweet Christening Booties will be treasured for generation!

Dress up your holiday outfit with these surprizingly cool felted blue bangles.

And don't forget your toddler - they need to celebrate, too! This ball is great for indoor play!

Get your colors on for this Independence Day ~ Red, White and Blue ~~

Enjoy your holiday~