Thursday, June 28, 2012

Lace Shawls

My Latest Shawls~~

I've been having the time of my life knitting up more shawls lately.  I think it has come to be an obsession, but I just can't resist trying new lace stitches and yarns. I've been a cable gal for many years, loving the twists and textures of cables, but my new-found love of lace has distracted me from cable work and I'm starting to feel like I have left my beloved cables on the roadside.

This orange shawl is just bursting with fall colors. 

I used a handdyed fingering yarn that shows off the autumn spectrum with falling leaf designs.  The added bead work on the leaf stems add sparkle, fun and weight.  This shawl is perfect for a quick shoulder cover, worn as a scarf, or can even be worn around the waist (if you are thin enough).  I just love the virbrant colors!

This forest green triangle shawl is knit with my own handspun yarn in a mohair/wool blend.


This one is heavier than my typical shawls and is intended for warmth as well as beauty. The mohair gives it a soft halo and a feel that you just want to pet.  The design is simple lace with a ripple edging at the bottom to highlight the beauty of the handspun yarn.

Both of these shawls are available in my etsy shop and are ready to ship. 

I may take a break from shawls soon and work up something using cables this week.  I'm sure it will be like seeing a long lost friend!