Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Bobbles and UFO's

Do you ever have projects that you start and put aside?  They call them UFO's (Unfinished Objects) in the knitting circles and I have more than my share. 

The one that continues to haunt me is an afghan that I started for my daughter when she was in college that is unfinished 10 years later. That has got to be my oldest UFO, and I have many more.

But, recently I picked up and complete a pillow cover that began last winter.  I knit this with two strands of worsted weight wool and it was my very first project utilizing the bobble stitch.  I admit, that I was hesitant to try bobbles, but I was amazed at how easy they really are. Although they take some practice with tension, bobbles can be used in so many different patterns to add texture.

I thought that making flowers with them would be unique and fun.  I added a bit of creative cable work to make the stems to create a field of flowers.  I used 5 stitch bobble for the center and worked 3 stitch bobbles for the surrounding petals.

Making Bobbles: (5 stitch) worked on a background of reverse stockinette stitch

Make 5 stitches from one stitch ( Knit in front and back of same stitch 2X and in front once more)
Turn knitting work toward you (working on the back) Knit 5 stitches
Turn knitting work toward you (working on the front) Purl 5 stitches
Turn knitting work toward you (working on the back) Knit 5 stitches
Turn knitting work toward you (working on the front) Sl 1, K2 tog, Pass slip stich over, K2 tog, Pass slip stich over.

Work the same for 3 stitch bobble only make 3 stitches from one stitch and only Knit 2 tog and passover once at the end.

There is a great feeling of accomplishment when picking up a forgotten project and I am so glad that I completed this one. 

I took a break while writing this entry and went to find my daughter's afghan.  Her major in college was International Relations and I had a vision to incorporate flags from several nations into the afghan.  It looks like I only completed 3 nations and half of 3 more. Perhaps digging it out is one step closer to completion.....

Hopefully you will dig out some of your UFO's and get them completed this summer. 

Until next time, keep your needles clicking!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Quote of the Week

"Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step; only he who keeps his eye fixed on the far horizon will find his right road." -- Dag Hammarskjold

Today's quote is hosted by joystclaire  and features Clouds on the Horizon, a fine art photograph taken in Northern Michigan.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Small Zig Zag Cables

It has been a busy summer so far and it is only the beginning of July!  We are just coming out of a week of hot and humid weather and it seems rather odd that 80 degrees would feel cool.  I guess after a week of temperatures in the high 90's that 80's would be a relief. 

Even though it is hot now, it won't be long before we are turning on our furnaces and lighting our wood stoves.  Fall will be here soon enough, so I keep knitting warm wooly goodness even in the heat.

This weeks featured stitch is a small zig zag cable stitch.  I like how they look when worked in multiples as they really give a zing to the zig zag look.

I  used this stitch to make another ascot style neckwarmer (yet another one of my recent obsessions). This handknit neckwarmer is made with the softest of soft merino wool in one of my most favorite shades of yellow. 

This stitch is worked in multiples of 3 + 1

Row 1: (Wrong Side) K1,  * P2, K1 repeat from * to end
Row 2: P1, *C2F, P1 repeat from * to end
Row 3: Same as Row 1
Row 4: P1, *C2B, P1 repeat from * to end

Repeat these 4 rows

This is a great stitch to add into an area that you need some filler stitches such as borders for a larger cable design.  I already have another neckwarmer started using this as the edging. 

Knitting Tip: If your stitches look uneven, aim to make stitches close to the tips of your needles so you are less likely to stretch them.

Until next week - keep your needles clicking and keep cool!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

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