Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Shopping Begins!

No - I am not braving the malls or shops on this Black Friday. 

Call me old-fashioned, but I am lucky enough to live in a great small town.  You know those little towns with the typical Main Street with old buildings.  Shop after shop with the big glass display windows... each one with a wonderful Christmas display with santas, reindeer, angels and trees?

There is just something about that little bell that rings when you open the door and walk on the original wooden floors and see the shelves full of wonderful treasures.  The shop owner and staff greets you with a personal hello and chat with you as you make your purchases. 

If you don't live in one of these great little towns, take a trip to your nearest small town and experience it yourself!  There is nothing like it.

Yes - call me old-fashioned!  I don't mind at all.

But I'm not that far gone that I don't realize that on-line shopping is convenient, fun and can be personal as well.  Experince  'small-town on-line' shopping by visiting my little cyber shop on etsy or artfire.  Although you won't hear a little bell ring when you enter, you will get the fast and friendly service that comes along with a Main Street shop!

I've added several new items to my shop in preparation for the holidays and each one is a wonderful and unique gift for that someone special. Come on in and take a look:

I hope you enjoy your holiday shopping ~  Whether it be at a mall, old-fashioned shops or on-line!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving~

While the turkey is roasting in the oven and the family is sleeping in I'd like to take a few moments to wish all my followers a very Happy Thanksgiving! 

I'll be at the Dodge Pratt Northrup Art & Community "Christmas in the Country" Craft Fair on Saturday, November 28.  If you are local, I hope to see you there!

Until then, enjoy your Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Natural Wool Scarflette

I just love the simplicity of this scarflette. 

Soft. Warm. Wool.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting ready for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is two days away.  How does the holiday season creep up on us so quickly?

But I'm ready for it.  The turkey is in the fridge. I went shopping and bought all the fixin's:  potatos, gravy, peas, rolls.... and I have some of my very own summer squash in the freezer from my garden.  Cranberry sauce, pickles...   Mom will bake the pies.  We are ready.  Bring it on!

But I realized this morning that I may not be as ready as I thought. Because until this morning, I haven't stopped to really think about what I am thankful for, and after all, isn't that what it is all about?

I am thankful that Daryl and I  have jobs in this crazy economy. 

I am thankful that my children are happy and are building their own lives and families.

I am thankful that my mother continues to have good health in her later years.

I am thankful we have a home that is comfortable and warm in the winter.

I am thankful that my husband and I are friends as well as lovers.

I am thankful that I am able to have a hobby that I can create fun and wonderful things.

I am thankful that we have friendly neighbors.

Hugs ~~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Flowers ~~

Be on the lookout for some fabulous felted wool flowers arriving in my shop this coming week.   I've got quite the bouquet ready to list in my shop.. but I just can't do them all in one day.

Check out this preview ~~ with still more in the works: 

Some are pins (so COOL on your jackets, hats and purses) and some are hair ponies (so much fun!)

So stop in often this week so catch the freshest flowers available !

And ENJOY your Thanksgiving this week ♥♥

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stay Warm ~~

My new motto this winter is "Stay Warm".... and what better way to do that is with a snuggly wool blend outdoor accessory set.

This just listed in my etsy shop -  Three warm and cozy must have accessories in one set!

Includes Headband (earwarmers), Scarflette, and Fingerless Gloves ~ All in soft wool / acrylic blend and hand knit.  Whether your going on cross county ski trail or just making your way through the urban jungle to work each day, this set will keep you warm this winter.

Stay Warm!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears... oh my!

I am such a Turner Classic Movie Fan.  Yup, I'm hooked.  I check in to TCM everyday for the line up of great old movies.  I love to see the old fashions, home decorations and yes, even the old cars!

The other night they had an hour long special about 1939 and how it was the last year of the great Hollywood era before WWII.  There were 10 movies nominated for the picture of the year in 1939 and although Gone With the Wind took most of them (and one of my personal favorites!)  who can forget The Wizard of Oz!  A fantastic movie that just about everyone is familiar with... young and old.

The costumes were fabulous, the story interesting, and of course the message of the story - there's no place like home -  all make this movie one of the best.

I searched etsy today to find lions and tigers and bears and I absolutely love the items I picked for this blog entry ~ 

Check out this lion from FernandaFrick - who could be afraid of this sweetie? 

This tiger from ArtBySarahPittman is so cute!

And of course, who can resist this fun loving bear by artractions?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunday Morning

Last week was a busy week indeed!  My knitting needles have been clicking away every night and as the weather cools down, I find myself wanting to knit more and more.  There is nothing more soothing than sitting by the fire (well...actually mine is a pellet stove ~ but hey, pretty close) and knitting.

I will be adding several new scarflettes and neckwarmers next week along with some fingerless gloves.  I also have some brand new chunky bangles and some more lariat necklaces coming along. So be on the look out for some great new stuff.

We are also trying to get a few rooms spackled and painted.  We were hoping to get the hallway, pantry and dining room completed by Thanksgiving, but we were sidetracked when my son's truck broke down.  Hubs and son worked 2 weeks to get it back up and running.  So, perhaps the rooms will be done by Christmas.  Keep your fingers crossed!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ft Drum Craft Fair

You may notice that my shops have only a few items today. I've left knitting patterns and bangles available for purchase, which will be sent when I get back home.

If you are in the area, please stop in and say hello! If you can't be there, I'll be re-stocked later tonight.

See you then!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Since I began felting a few years ago, I've been trying to make felted bangles. I've had some minor successess and even have a favorite pattern that I use quite often, but I wanted a specific look and feel that I just wasn't able to get... Until now~

I was looking for a wool bangle that was a bit bulky and held it's shape but at the same time was light as a feather. I tried crocheting over a plastic store bought bangle and the result was terrible. It make the opening way too narrow to fit over your hand and it was heavy and clumbsy.

Then I started cutting up soda bottles. I thought that was a great idea, until I started trying to cut those babies. After nearly loosing a few fingers and making a total mess of the bottles I put that idea on the back burner.

So, for awhile I settled on basic thin bangles, which are cute and nice... but I wanted BIG BULKY bangles. Something that was bold and fun and had stability to stand up to everyday use. After a few more trial and errors, I believe I've finally got it!

These bangles are 3/4 inch wide and are double thick for stability. They are bold, beautiful, fun and ohh so light to wear! A basic fun accessory to any outfit - perfect for at the office, a fun night out or just everyday. And best of all ~ they are machine washable!

I'm selling these in sets of 2 at $18. (because two are just more fun that one!) If your looking for a gift for that hard-to-buy-for-friend or co-worker, these are a perfect choice. Be on the look out for new color selections in the coming week and if you don't see the color you want, just contact me and I'll be happy to make a custom order for you.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

I am Liberated!

or: "How $15.95 Improved My Photos"

On-line business rely on good photographs. Period.

But how to take good photos when you live in an area that has limited natural daylight? I have been struggling for the past 2 years in getting just the right clarity and color. Believe me when I say I have tried everything: inside, outside, direct sunlight, indirect sunlight, east side, west side.... Everything short of purchasing a photo studio. I found my best pictures were taken around 10:00 am near the West window on a sunny day. Such a huge limitation, considering I am at work 5 days out of the week and it usually was raining or overcast the other 2!

I have a pretty good camera - a SONY Cyber-shot 14 m 8.1 mega pixels. And honestly, I don't know how to use all the functions, but I did find macro and white balance which have become my best friends. I also use Picasa to lighten the dark and dreary pics. But there are just some colors that I just can't seem to get exact.

Yesterday I bought an OTT light bulb($4.95 on sale at LOWES) and borrowed Daryl's silver utility light fixture. I also bought a camera tripod at Walmart for $11 with the hopes that I can get clearer, sharper pictures.

At 8PM ... yes I said 8PM, I started playing around and let me tell you, I couldn't be more excited. Yes, I still need to play around and master it. Yes, they still aren't perfect.. BUT.. I took a better picture at 8PM in complete darkness that is sharper and show truer color than the picture I took that morning with natural daylight.

This taken during the day with natural daylight and help from picasa:

This taken at night with an OTT light and tripod. How much clearer and the color is so true!

I have been liberated! I can now take pictures any time, any day, at any moment I need to. Can you feel the happiness?

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Another Wool Lariat

Yes, these are just way too much fun, so I made another! This one is 72 inches long and can be worn so many, many ways: as a belt, or a scarf, or a necklace .... use your imagination!

Lovely teal and multicolored flowers and green leaves make this an accessory must have!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Book Review ~ Julie and Julia

I always have a book by my nightstand and read a little each night. It seems I can't fall asleep without reading something. Books must work like a good sleeping pill for me.

There are some books that will work their sleep magic on me after just a few paragraphs. Those are the books that take a few months to finish. But then there are others that are so interesting that I find myself going to bed a little earlier than normal and reading a little more before turning out the light.

Julie and Julia by Julie Powell is one of the more interesting books I've read in awhile. Right now, I'm about half way through and I am really enjoying this story. I'm not a good cook and to be honest, I really dread cooking, so it really surprised me that Julie and Julia has captured my attention. But as it turns out, the story is not really all about cooking, which is why I like it so much I guess.

I haven't seen the movie.. yet. I always like to read the books before I see the movie (and I usually wait for the movies to be be on TV, long after the hype of the movie is over).

So, it's early to bed for me until I finish this book. I highly recommend it if you like to laugh at everyday life.

Book Review Blurb from Google:
By Julie Powell - Little, Brown and Company (2006) - Paperback - 307 pages - ISBN 0316013269

Nearing 30 and trapped in a dead-end secretarial job, Julie Powell resolved to reclaim her life by cooking, in the span of a single year, every one of the 524 recipes in Julia Child's legendary Mastering the Art of French Cooking. Her unexpected reward: not just a newfound respect for calves' livers and aspic, but a new life--lived with gusto.

Monday, November 2, 2009

New This Week

Warm and Fuzzy goodness has been added to my shops this week.

I just love this Morning Glory Felted Wool Lariat Necklace, just added this morning! It can be worn in so many different ways ~ The perfect gift for the hard to buy for woman.

A new set of fingerless gloves and cowl - in a softer than soft lemon yellow. Can't you just taste the lemon meringue pie just by looking at them? (my mom makes the BEST lemon meringue pie, by the way)

A fun bright felted wool bowl in 2 shades of teal with stunning red accents. This one reminds me of the American SouthWest... Definately a fun bowl to have in your home.

And getting ready for Christmas, I've added a very cute Christmas Tree Vase. Just right for peppermint sticks or put a glass inside for some fresh cut flowers.

And who could resist this soft felted wool wallet in bright teal? Made with snap closure, great for teens on the go.

Enjoy your holiday shopping by shopping from home this year - Buy handmade and Stay Warm!