Saturday, March 14, 2009

Artfire Fiber Artist of the Week ~~ The Little Red Hen

Oh my gosh!! I just fell in love with this shop on Artfire...

The Little Red Hen is one SERIOUS needle felter! Her work is absolutely gorgeous. Now, you may say that I am partial as I am a felter too, but her work is in a totally different league.. not to mention a different method as well. I have tried needle felting and know that it is not a simple craft. I've managed to do a heart or flower or something simple. The Little Red Hen is a definately a master. Just check these out:

Shandy is the most darling little green panda. He has quite a taste for pie which is evident in his paunchy belly. He is a quiet little fellow but he can be very amusing and he is always a good listener. Being a green panda has always brought Shandy a lot of attention and he just wants to be a normal bear.

King Laramy is a distinguished older gent who has reigned supreme for many years. The only problem is that in his advancing years he has gotten a bit forgetful and lost a few of his marbles. The palace staff has safely hidden away his jewel encrusted crown and replaced it with a less precious one since he tends to lose things. Still, he holds his shaggy head high and carries his favorite scepter. He loves greeting the crowds outside his palace gates with a bellowing roar which is still as frightful as ever. He never misses his daily cricket match though sometimes he forgets which team he is cheering on.

Roselle has always dreamed of being a prima ballerina and she isn't one to let her Rubinesque figure stop her. She's going to make it into the spotlight and then celebrate with a giant slice of cheesecake!

Visit TheLittleRedHen on Artfire to see more fabulous work!


Momma J said...

Wow - I've never seen felting like that before. Just beautiful!

New England Quilter said...

What lovely creations!

Captain Skulduggery Dug said...

Those animals are gorgeous. I think I like the Lion best, but it's a close run thing.