Sunday, March 8, 2009

Knit Wine Bottle Gift Bag

I've added a new product to my stores and couldn't be more excited!

I do believe that I made a lovely wine bottle cozy. After 4 failed attempts on the perfect stitching formula, I finally got it right. This one is knit with a plum and light lavender and I've named it Huckleberry Heather. I wonder if there is a Huckleberry Wine??? Probably not.. but it sure sounds fun! I've already started another one in a bright sunny yellow that I will name Dandelion Wine...

This cozy is perfect for dressing up the bottle for housewarming / hostess gifts or serving your drinks during a special occasion. I left the top of the bag shorter than the bottle top so the cozy can remain on the bottle while pouring to avoid spills or drips on the bag.

I just think it's great and hope you will too! Let me know what colors you would like to see and I'll probably make some as I am just having too much fun with these.

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Lindsey said...

I love this! I can see my mom using it, like a water bottle cozy, but with wine. She loves her wine.

Nisha said...

Very nice! it looks like what ever's in it HAS to taste good.