Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meet Daisy ~~

The voting is over and my sweet little sheep now has a name!

Daisy is the creation of greenbeansnstrings who made lovely sew in labels for me. I got additional help from hbcorner who made sweet banners and avatars to match. I just love them both.. and if you are in the need of labels or banners/avatars, I strongly recommend them!

The winner of the contest is zjayne and I just have to mention that there was quite a contest going between zjayne and noradora. Right up until the last hour, votes were coming in. Nora would gain a bit, then zjayne would go a few further, then nora, then jayne. I really felt like I was watching a horse race! And just so you all know.. jane and nora are SISTERS! Who said a little competition between sisters isn't fun?

So, now that the voting is complete, please come and visit Daisy often as she will be taking on alot of resposibilities in my shop. She will become my official spokesperson... urr.. spokessheep and will be in charge of my promotion and advertising from here on out. It's a big job, but I know she will do a grand job!

Check her out on etsy, artfire and shophandmade ~~


Momma J said...

Darn it - upset I didn't win. But, Daisy is a cute name!

J-Mi said...

Aw, Daisy is adorable! Love your whole new outfit...I think she'll make an awesome spokessheep

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

LOVE IT!!!! Great name! =D

Nora said...

This was the most fun! I love your new avatar and Daisy is a very fitting name for her. I do think Lambchop would have done her justice too!

Lorissa J. Longfellow said...

I still like Felice the best, but Daisy is a great name. I had a cat by that name when I was little. It was my favorite flower.

Jane Pierce aka zJayne said...

Oodles of great names submitted and I thank you for the opportunity. Here's to wishing "Daisy" lots of success!

Special thank you to my sister for her encouragement to participate.

Jane aka zJayne

Andrea Baker said...

Its so nice to meet you Daisy. You have been given such a beautiful name! Congrats!