Sunday, December 14, 2008

New This Week ~~

With the Holidays creeping up quickly and so many, many things to do I've still managed to sneak a few new items in my shop.

I have most of my holiday shopping done. Uh huh... I said most. Nothing like waiting till the last minute. But like most people this year, we have made a commitment not to charge any gift / holiday costs. So, the shopping trickles with each payday. With 10 days left till Christmas, that is only one payday left. Ready or not, Christmas will come.

Valerie's Gallery offers affordable unique gifts, with many items still on clearance (50 - 70% off) that will still be shipped in time for the holidays (I would say continental US would make it in time, maybe not for International).

I am also slowly morphing my shop into a fresh new and exciting place for 2009. I have a new banner, avatar and even newly name sections that make shopping fun.

Here is what is new this week ~

Knit Scarfette - Classic Cable - White Fairy Dust $25. Made with fantastic vintage buttons!

Knit Necklace - Grey Choker $8. This is semi-felted by using an acrylic and wool mix.

Crocheted Flower Pin - Mint Cream $5. This is so soft and fun.

Knit Scarfette - Lavender Luxury $24. Softness surpreme!

Felted Bowl - Seafoam Green $18. The black base and green combination is fantastic.

Felted Coin Purse - Maroon $16. Sweet blue flowers with tiny beads make this unique.

Felted Bowl - Simple Pleasures $18. Nice felted goodness!

So now you see all my new items. Please come in and visit my shop while it is under construction for 2009. I will offer you a free cup of cyber coffee while you are there... LOL ♥


Mountainside Crochet said...

I love your new selections, Valerie. Your knitted scarflette is lovely and the name White Fairy Dust is perfect for it.

Your new avatar is great! Can't wait to see your new shop makeover.

Doris Sturm said...

Valerie, I love that white, fluffy yarn for the knit scarf and the mint pin. I'm in love :-) It looks absolutely yummy! You are such a professional. Everything you do is perfect! It's such a pleasure to know you :-)


New England Quilter said...

Love your newbies! This knit cable scarflette is beautiful!

Homemade Zen said...

very beautiful new items, and I love your new banner too!