Sunday, December 28, 2008

New This Week ~~

The gifts are all opened, the pies have been eaten and the visitors are on their way home.

I am stuck on knitting lately and I really must get back to felting soon! I have one lovely bowl that I am just waiting to get a good photo of that will be listed next week. But until then, I am knitting away!

I have these listed on my ArtFire Shop as well as Etsy, so feel free to visit which ever shop you like!

Knit Scarfette ~ Cafe Latte This is super soft and has a lovely cable pattern throughout. $25

Knit Scarf ~ Enchanted Forest This bulky, warm scarf has a wonderful color combination of greens, yellows and white. $40

Knit Scarfette ~ Jasmine This beautiful ribbed scarfette is made with a wool/silk blend that is very luxurious! $25

Hoping I will see you at my stores soon ♥

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Mountainside Crochet said...

Valerie, your new Cafe Latte knit scarfette looks so soft and yummy. It's beautiful.