Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Felted Wool Hat

One of my goals this year is to introduce a line of felted wool hats, and I'm right on track!

Because you never know how something will turn out with the felting process, working out the right formula for number of stitches and increases can be a trial and error situation.   My first try came  up a bit short and wasn't quite right, but my good friend, April, was pleased when I gave it to her. 

My second try came out perfect and I am excited to present this Ivory Wool Cloche with a Pink Rose to you this snowy Sunday morning.

I am amazed at how much yarn and knitting it takes to make this hat. I can't resist sharing a before picture so you can see just how big these start out!

I already have a second one drying.  I made this one in brown and orange and will accessorize it with a large button.  

What colors would you like to see this hat in? I was thinking reds, greys and perhaps a black. 

Until next week ~ Stay Warm and keep you needles clicking!


Melinda said...

That hat is adorable~ I love it! :)

April said...

Oh Val,

That hat is fabulous!!!!! I can see all sorts of possibilities with that pattern....


Unknown said...

That hat is very elegant and it so gorgeous too.

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