Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit - Diamond Cable Rim Hat

Winter is here!  And here in Booville NY, that means snow, cold and more snow.

It has recently been noted on the Weather Channel that right here in our little town we are ranked as #2 city in the country with the most snowfall - second only to Valdez Alaska. 

Although, I must say that this year we seem to be falling short of the average 220.5 inches they refer to in the article.   But we sure are having our share of the cold right now with a current temperature of 4 degrees F and expected -1 tomorrow.

So how do we Boonvillians fight this snow and cold?  We bundle up ~  Preferably in soft warm handknit woolies!

My newest hat design features extra warmth covering the ears where it is needed the most.   This Diamond Cable Knit Hat is a perfect way to enjoy the winter activities - whether you love to ski, ice skate, snowshoe or just walk. 

No matter what the weather throws at you - get out and enjoy it!  And Stay Warm!

Until next week ~  Keep on clicking

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