Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit - New Ascot Cable Pattern

Cables are my thing..  I can't seem to knit something that doesn't have a cable or two. I really love the way they add texture and and movement to a knitted item. I find knitting plain stockinette stitch really boring and will loose interest almost immediately if there isn't some type of cable work within the project.

I've been working on the design for this cable neckwarmer for quite some time and my cable ascot neckwarmer pattern is finally perfected and available for sale on etsy.  This was one that was a long time in the making, but well worth the modifications. 

Although it looks like it is pretty difficult, if you can make cables, it is pretty easy (I knit the entire neckwarmer in a total of 4 hours). I worked closely with my tester and together, we streamlined the instructions to make it easy to follow and have a really cool check off grid to make sure you stay on track!
What I like most about this pattern is by simply changing directions of the cables mid-way, a beautiful diamond is formed in the center of the neck in the back. And, of course my signature cables on each edge make scalloped edges stand out.

This is available in pattern form on etsy and ravelry for the DIYers, or I have a few fininshed versions on etsy and artfire.

I have a few more ascot style patterns being worked on, so stay tuned for some fun new patterns coming soon!

Until next week - keep your needles clicking and stay warm!

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