Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit - Red Triple Cabled Scarf

Everyone needs a classic red scarf.  It just isn't winter without one!

I finally finished knitting up this super soft triple cabled scarf in 50% alpaca / 50% merino wool.   I will admit that it took awhile.  It was one of the projects that gets set aside and picked up again, over and over again.
But I made myself sit down and finish it yesterday and I'm so very glad I did. 

It is a long flowing scarf with a great drape and is just so cuddly and warm.

Happy Knitting!

Till next week.....


Paige said...

What a beautiful scarf! Did you make up the pattern or can it be found online?

Valerie said...

Hi Paige,
I made this pattern up but it is pretty much a classic design. I just purl 4, then do a 4 stitch knit cable, purl 2, then a 6 stitch knit cable, purl 2, then a 4 stitch knit cable and purl 4 again.

Yarrow said...

That's such a gorgeous scarf. I've been knitting my red scarf since last Winter!!! It's only plain knit as I can do that while watching TV, haha!

Valerie said...

I know what you mean Yarrow - I have a few projects that I started long ago. They are all in my "some day" pile!