Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Cables and Knots

Last week I bought Viking Patterns For Knitting by Elsebeth Lavold and I have been intrigued ever since.  This has got to be the most intricate cable pattern collection ever.  So I'm off to challenge myself and hopefully make some incredible scarves and hats!

I have been wanting to learn to make horizontal cables for quite some time and I finally found a couple in this book.  They are more like curlyques than cables, but I love them!

I made a swatch that I am super excited about.  Perhaps a bit more excited than I should be (based on Daryl's eyeroll when I excitedly showed him this):

I'm off to the second day of the Harvest Festival of the Arts in Lowville today, but I have a full weekend coming up that is just knitting!  (well, perhaps a bit of cleaning too, but mostly knitting only!)

Until next week, keep you needles clicking!

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