Thursday, October 22, 2009

Getting ready for Christmas

It seems so early to be getting my shops ready for the winter holidays. Although I am not an early shopper, I know there are those out there that have all their holiday shopping done and stashed away sometime in July. Well, maybe someday I will join that club! Meanwhile, I am slowly stocking my shops for those early shoppers.

And while everything in my shop makes fabulous unique gifts, here are some of the items that have holiday themes. Look for more during the coming weeks as well!

Christmas Candy Dish ~ Felted Wool Green, Red and White:

Snowman Wool Nesting Bowls - He's a stacker!

Christmas Fun - Felted Wool Bowl - Green, Red and Oatmeal

Come on in and browse my shops and enjoy the fun of on-line shopping!
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Anonymous said...

That snowman is my newest favorite pieces! What a creative idea! :) I love the candy bowl too. The scalloped edge is so cute! :) I hearted you!

Jennie :)

Yarrow said...

Hello, I came here via the Rookery and I'm sooo glad I did. I have quite a passion for wool and felting, but usually only indulge in the Winter months. I'll be visiting your blog again, to feed my wool passion :)