Friday, October 9, 2009

Spinning Wheels

I admit that I love a good garage sale. I can usually find some good books or a pretty dish or two for some loose change and I usually go home feeling proud of myself for being so frugal.

And last weekend was no exception. I found several children's books for my grandson and an old spinning wheel for me! It is in rough shape, but I think that adds to it's beauty.

This is definately just for looks and not useable (I wouldn't know how to use it anyway!), but I just love it.

For now, I have it in one of the unfinished rooms where it will wait to be placed somewhere in this old house. I think that a big green plant may look great setting on it. Oh, and in this picture you can get a glimps of the cradle that my father hand made for my daughter 28 years ago.


Dot Mil Mom said...

Wonderful find. It's just gorgeous.

Runs With Scissors said...

oh my gosh, that spinning wheel is so beautiful! WTG on a fabulous find!