Thursday, May 14, 2009

What's New

Yesterday I participated in an Artisian Showcase that was sponsored by my employer and it turned out very nice! I found out that we have a very talented work force and it was a wonderful opportunity to talk to people on a more personal level. It was set up like a gallery and refreshements were served ~ Lemonade, Iced Tea, Brownies and Strawberries with chocolate sauce... Mmmmmm. I was able to hand out alot of business cards and talk about my passion. I think it could have been my best day at work yet after 20 years there! I only wish I had remembered to bring my camera.

I've only added a couple new items this week as I was preparing for the showcase and mowing the lawn in between rain drops.

But here is what's new in my shops:

I love the color combination in this bowl titled Sunny Days. It just reminds me of summer:

And the colors in this bowl are so vivid!

To see more felted bowls please stop by my etsy shop and my artfire studio.


teri said...

Pretty stuff. Love the Field of Violets bowl on the sidebar.

Christie Cottage said...

Wonderful that they did that for you! Must be a great place to work to do this and to have stayed for 20 years :-)

crochetgal said...

Another very pretty bowl. Your felting work is beautiful. I'm glad your workplace event was successful and that so many others had the opportunity to see the work of a true artist.