Saturday, May 30, 2009

Meet Cindy and Mindy

I met the most wonderful etsy artist in the forums recently and I just can't resist sharing her work with you. I absolutely fell in love with her characters Cindy and Mindy. I hope you will too!

Cindy and Mindy are good friends that just seem to be curious, fun and sometimes get into a bit of trouble. But they always bring a smile to your face! This is a must see etsy shop. They are featured on Birthday Cards, Note Cards and Wall Art.

Who can resist?

She just has too much fun going to a birthday party.

or making faces in the mirror... is that me?

or making new friends

Of course, there is that bit of trouble she gets into once in a while!

And never telling a soul about it!

You can visit Mindy and Cindy at and say hello to Jean - the creator who is one of the sweetest etsians!


Cindy and Mindy said...

Thank you SO much for having Cindy & Mindy as a feature on your blog. Cindy is honored.....and so is Jean (me) the artist! :) :)
Fantastic feature. I really appreciate your loving my work enough to have it here.

Winklepots said...

I love her characters and hope she illustrates a book because they're too cute!

Sarah Knight said...

fun stuff : )

Momma J said...

What a lovely shop!