Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday Morning~

I am on vacation from my day job this week. So the first thing I did on Monday morning was to sleep until 7:30! (Normally I am up at 5:30).

My grandson went home to Vermont yesterday and I will miss the little bugger! He is such a busy guy and what a chatter box! I don't recall my children talking like he does at 2 and a half. I took him on an outing to Joann's Fabric (yes.. I bought more yarn - just shoot me!) and while I was looking at the buttons he says.. "Grammy! Don't touch... those are DANGEROUS!" I almost died right there!
Here is a pic of the cutie....

And of course, a picture of my newest scarf that I named Toasted Marshmallows. It is so incredibly soft and fluffy, it just reminded me of a nicely browned marshmallow!

Hoping you have a great day!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie. :) Good thing he warned you about those dangerous buttons, LOL.

Beth said...


The scarf is beautiful, too!

Mountainside Crochet said...

Your grandson is adorable. I can tell you're a very proud grammy!