Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Fairy Dust Lace Weight Yarn

With summer approaching, my weekends have been busy with spring cleaning and yard work, so there has been little time left over for knitting.  I have been knitting some summer projects (mainly lace weight shawls and wraps), but as I mentioned last week, it seems that I have been spending more time ripping them out than knitting them together! 

One stitch forward, Three back ... 

So, I have been focusing on spinning project.  There is nothing more relaxing than spinning ~  especially when you are working with some dream merino and silk blend.  This stuff just seems to spin itself! 

My friend, April purchased an entire pound of the is lucious fiber. Yes, that is 16 oz of pure softness.  My job is to spin it into a lace weight two ply yarn.  We are then going to split it and each knit a shawl.  I think it will be so interesting to see how different each of our knit projects will turn out using the exact same yarn.

So far, I have 317 yards ready for the needles, which is just under 3 oz.  So if my math doesn't fail me, we should get about 1,600 yards of this dreamy fairy dust yarn! 

Hoping to have my green shawl completed for next week.. 
Until then, keep your needles clicking and HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY!


New England Quilter said...

Looks Beautiful! Happy Memorial Day to you too!

Little Wren said...

Lovely yarn! How long have you been spinning and when did you spin your first laceweight?

Valerie said...

Hi Little Wren. I started spinning last September, so only about 8 months. But I am truly addicted and spin most every day. I did my first lace weight in February and am currently knitting a shawl with it. I love spinning, can you tell?

Hi there Amy!