Sunday, May 1, 2011

Sunday Morning Kit Wit ~ My Studio is Finally Done!

It has been 2 months in the making, but my studio if finally completed. I can't say how much I love having a space that is organized and is pleasant to be in while I work. And.. may I say that by doing this, the rest of the house has become less cluttered and organized as well!

The only things I actually bought for this room is a new rug and a computer desk and chair.  (My friend gave me a hand me down table perfect for my sewing machine!).  The rest are things I've had around the house. 

Daryl painted the walls a nice antique white as there are only 2 small windows and the room needed to be lighter.  (My daughter has selected a dark blue for this room when it was hers and it was almost cave-like). He also refinished the wood floor to perfection.  Once that was done, it took me a few weeks to get totally moved in.  Boy ... do I have alot of stuff!

So here is the tour....

This room is at the top of the stairs that I have to give more kudos to Daryl for building this fabulous stair way.  The original stairs were the steep and narrow back stairway that he tore completly out and rebuilt a couple years ago.  Enter....

 Going around the room, I have a shipping station in the corner. Here is where I package my orders, make my tags and I have my summer craft fair schedule. This work table was an artist desk that my parents bought for me when I was still in highschool and an art major. I love this table and it has been with me for many years!

Next I have all my finish products, ready to ship or to pack up for the festivals. And along side that, my yarn stash.  And I'm still finding more yarn stashed here and there through out the house.   Just yesterday I came across yet another basket of yarn tucked away in the front room and said, "Oh look, more yarn!".

In the corner is my knitting and spinning center.  It is next to one of the windows, so I have great light during the day time hours.  And I just love spinning up here!  It is so enjoyable and relaxing to do what you love in a space that you love!  I am spinning some natural brown Romney-Perindale right now that is spinning very nicely.  Next in  the line up is some soft multicolor Merino Silk blend.

The long wall has my computer, printer and file cabinet.  A bit boring, but a necessity.  In the center of the room, I have a round table and 2 chairs for a work table.  And if you are noticing the rocking horse, this was made by my father for my children about 25 years ago.  I love the color and whimsey that it adds to the room.  Not to mention that I think of Dad every time I see it!

The next corner is my sewing station.  My sewing machine has pretty much been in storage for the last 7 years while we have been redoing this house.  It is so nice to finally get it out and working again.  I have a new project ready to go and am taking tomorrow off from my day job just to try it out!  After sorting my fabric, I find that I didn't have as much as I thought.  I feel a shopping trip coming on!

I have a sitting corner and I have to point out the wonderful quilted wall hanging my dear friend April made just for my studio!  Daryl is still working on the closet and there will be doors eventually. I'm excited to have so much storage space.

Next we come to the dormer window area.  This is a space that is limited, but has another light sourse.  I put one of my antique peddle singers here along with my quilting books, buttons  and all my old wooden thread spools.  Can I say I love it!?

Well, there is the tour.  I still need to put curtains up on the windows and Daryl needs to make the doors for the closets.  But I absolutely love my new space.  And I think my family is happy that our living room has turned back into a living room.

I'm currently knitting a lace shawl and hope to have that ready to show you next week.  It is the first shawl I've ever knit and I had to start over a few times already.  I'm also making nupps for the first time ever.  If you have ever knit nupps, you will know that they are very time consuming and fussy!  But more about that next week.  Until then, I am enjoying my new space and a huge THANK YOU to Daryl for all the help you've given me.  You are incredible!

Until next week, keep you needles clicking!


Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

AWESOME!!! How nice for you, it looks lovely! The rocking horse is AMAZING!!

April said...


I am totally green with jealousy. I feel some work coming up on my own sewing space! I have a question though.. in the pictures there is a wall hanging thing with pockets. Is that for knitting needles, maybe sorted by size?


Valerie said...

Hi April - Yes, those are my knitting needles - all sorted by sizes. I love just grabbing what I need - especially for the double pointed needles

Welcome said...

Thanks for the wonderful tour! I could feel your smile and pride busting through the story. Thanks for sharing, and what a lovely space ! Kathryn

Melinda said...

Oh, what fun touring your new studio and congrats on your own space!! Within the last couple of months I also created one in my home, and I adore it!! I'm in here everyday, such a wonderful thing to be surrounded by all of my supplies! Oh, and I love that rocking horse! :)