Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Branched Cables

I found a lovely cable variance while looking through some of my knitting books recently.

I really like the way this branched cable design looks and flows and especially like the results when it is on an object ~ such as this wine bottle cozy.

The texture is interesting and fun at the same time.

The pattern for making this branched cable is worked over 10 stitches with reverse stockinette stitches on either side.  Note that I worked the bottle cozy in the round, so the actual pattern is reversed on the even rows as the front is always being worked.

Row 1: P3, CF4, P3
Row 2: K4 P4, K3
Row 3: P2, 3B, C3F, P2
Row 4: K2, P6, K2
Row 5: P1, C3B, K2, C3F, P1
Row 6: K1, P8, K1
Row 7: C3B, K4, C3F
Row 8: P8

** C3B =  slip next stitch onto a cable needle and hold at back of work, then knit next 2 stitches from left-hand needle, then kint stitch from cable needle
** CBF = slipe next 2 stitches onto a cabe needle and hold in front of work, knit next titche from left-hand needle, then knit stitches from cable needle.

You can also modify the direction the cables branch by switchin the first cable from front to back in the first row.

I also knit a cute little vase cozy with the same pattern.  I guess these are just too much fun to make!

What is your current knitting project? 


Holly said...

How lovely! The vase is very unique. Nice work!

Melinda said...

Very cool, looks like a braid! Adds so much flavor to that vase too! :)

alpaca kids said...

These are lovely!