Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fresh From the Wheel ~ Alpaca Merino Silk Blend

I had such a fun time spinning this alpaca merino silk blend.  It was exceptional during the spinning process and just flowed through my fingers. 

The roving was purchased from Corgi Hill Farm on etsy and was one of my most pleasant spinnings yet! 

Here is a little about my process: 
After spinning 2 spools,  I respun them together in the opposite direction.  (Called plying) 

 Once that was done, the yarn is wound on a Niddy Noddy to keep it all straight and managable

 I then soak it in conditioner for about 20 minutes and let it hang dry for 2 days.

The end result ~  3.5 oz of gorgeous soft yarn,  just waiting to be made into something special

This is yarn is listed for sale in my etsy shop, but if it isn't sold by the time I finish my current projects, I may just pull it out of the shop and use it myself.  It's just lucious!

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Little Wren said...

Love your yarn! I'm spinning some merino/silk top right now that's like spinning butter! You do really nice work.