Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit - Spinning

I am so new to this spinning thing and I must admit that I have gotten a bit frustrated at times.

But so far, I've found that I have taken a wrong approach about learning to do this right.  First of all, I was looking for sub-standard roving to practice with. I found out now, that that is a big mistake!

I've been struggling to spin a consistent yarn with some really bad roving. This morning I bit the bullet and told myself to try the super soft alpaca.  OMG ~ What a difference!

I'm not spinning a perfect yarn yet, but boy-oh-boy... this is so much easier to work with!

Take a peek at what I've spun this morning:

Not bad, if I do say so myself!

So now it is starting to make sense to me and I'm getting into the groove and rhythym. 

My first advise to a new spinner - don't work with low grade roving... it will only mess you up!

Happy Knitting!  (or spinning!)

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Anonymous said...

not a spinner yet but found the same "problem" solved; I kept trying to hit golf balls over a lake on the first hole of my favorite golf course...would always use old balls because I knew I would lose them My Father pointed out that it would be worth my while to use some of the many new balls I had and low and behold I had great success

congratulations on all your creative programs!! Judy at