Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Slipped Double Chain

Good Morning~  Today's stitch is Slipped Double Chain and I found that this stitch makes a very interesting and unique design and best of all  - it is very easy!

It is made up of 7 stitches with 8 repeating rows and fits in with cables and textures beautifully. 

Just follow these rows:

Row 1: (right side) Sl 1 purlwise, K5, Sl 1 purlwise
Row 2: Sl 1 purlwise, P5, Sl 1 purlwise
Row 3: C3L, K1, C3R
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: K2, Sl 1 purlwise, K1, Sl 1 purlwise, K2
Row 6: P2, Sl 1 purlwise, P1, Sl 1 purlwise
Row 7: C2R, K1, C3L
Row 8: Purl

Repeat these 8 rows

Hold the yarn in front of your work when slipping the stitches to create the little horizontal loop at each point. 
 I used this stitch in a baby blanket that I made for one of my daughter's friends that is having her first baby this summer.  I had so much fun making this blanket for a couple reasons:  1) It was the 4th baby blanket I've made this year and yet it was the first girl (I was getting tired of blue!) and 2) Although the pattern looks difficult, it is very repetitive and after the first few repeats, it is easy to tell where you are so it can be put down and picked up again easily.
The center of the blanket is honeycomb cables with this slipped double chain on either side and has double seed stitch with braided cabled edges
The pattern for the  baby blanket is for sale in my etsy shop.
I had left over yarn and I made a honeycomb hat and a slipped stitch bib to match.
The entire set:

This was a super fun project and I can't wait to see and hold the baby!  I guess I need to wait until she's ready to show herself to the world, but it sure is hard to wait.
Next week I will be in Vermont visiting my grandson and celebrating his 4th birthday, so the next stitch of the week will be May 9th - Mother's Day.  I have a beautiful, yet simple double cable pattern in store for you then!
Until then, keep your knitting needles clicking!

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