Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Home Renovation ~

Another room complete!  Well, almost complete.  But check out this before and after ~ 

Before - a barely useable kitchen
After - half entry room, half pantry (right next to the soon-to-be kitchen)



I'm not only proud of Daryl's work (floor, walls, windows, trim and stairs)  but pretty proud of my 'design on a dime' furnishings as well.

The cupboard is an old, very old cabinet that was rescued and upgraded by a local woman.  It's perfect for canned goods, etc.  ($375). The rocking chair ($10),  the red chair ($1), the hall tree ($3) and the little table by the door ($2) were all garage sale finds.   The 2 plants were a gift from my Mom  - one planted in crock-bowl over a  hundred years old and one in an old basket (free).  The antique desk was purchased a couple years ago at  a friend's vintage shop ($100).   The straight back chair is one of 2 that I bought and refinished a few years ago and was my very first wicker project. Not bad for my first time.  I think the chairs were $2 each.  The little wood stand that one of the plants is on was a project that my Dad and I worked on together.  It still has 1980 carved in the bottom.

Daryl still is working on another cupboard - The bottom is a 3 draw dresser that was by the side of the road (free) and an old wall cupboard  bought at auction for $5.  That will be put in the empty spot. 

The curtains were made by Beckyathome on etsy.   And the knit throw was of course by yours truely (many years ago)

So, I just have another cupboard to get in there and then I can shop around for some wall art.  I'll probably scour the garage sales this summer and find the perfect addition to this room!


Alicia said...

Wow! Looks great.

Ricky Limbo said...

The pictures that you shared of home is really good. I must say that home comprises of good furnishing of wood work.