Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears... oh my!

I am such a Turner Classic Movie Fan.  Yup, I'm hooked.  I check in to TCM everyday for the line up of great old movies.  I love to see the old fashions, home decorations and yes, even the old cars!

The other night they had an hour long special about 1939 and how it was the last year of the great Hollywood era before WWII.  There were 10 movies nominated for the picture of the year in 1939 and although Gone With the Wind took most of them (and one of my personal favorites!)  who can forget The Wizard of Oz!  A fantastic movie that just about everyone is familiar with... young and old.

The costumes were fabulous, the story interesting, and of course the message of the story - there's no place like home -  all make this movie one of the best.

I searched etsy today to find lions and tigers and bears and I absolutely love the items I picked for this blog entry ~ 

Check out this lion from FernandaFrick - who could be afraid of this sweetie? 

This tiger from ArtBySarahPittman is so cute!

And of course, who can resist this fun loving bear by artractions?


Doris Sturm said...

Oh, that poor tiger looks like he's ready to cry - poor baby!

Hi, Valerie :-) Hope you're doing well.


sarah said...

Hi Val, thank you for including my tiger! The lion and bear are adorable, great finds!