Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sunday ~~ Family Update

It has been a hectic week here at the Kessler homestead!

I have been putting in extra hours at my day job with end of year billing reconciliations and 2009 expense projections. Daryl has been working 10 hour days plus Saturdays, so that alone has been taking much of our time.

But we have found time to work on the room that will transform into our office / library. This is the room that we have used as a storage room for the past 5 years and measures 17 x 15 feet with 8.5 feet ceilings (large to say the least). Daryl spent the last few months reinforcing some structural work and this past week making sure the studs are 16 on center and leveling the ceiling. Next step.. Putting the insulation up.

I woke up to flurries this morning, so the insulation is pretty important!

Erin called and told me she has applied for a correspondent position with a child magazine of National Geographic... Keep your fingers crossed for her!

My grandson called to tell me he loved me and that I was beautiful (he was definately prompted for that one!) Sara and Kris are busily working on getting the barn completed for their new sheep.

Jason is going to visit at Christmas from North Dakota. He seems to be doing well. (Honey.. if you are reading this blog.. call home more often!)

Katie is wrapping up her first semester at community college. So far she has 4 B's and 1 D. She worked frantically to get some extra credit work in on time to move that D a bit north this week.

My niece, Lisa called and we had a great chat! She is working in Seattle WA and was home in Michigan to be in her friends wedding. She and her roommate just got a new puppy.

I had a table at a small craft fair yesterday. Sales were minimal, but I made a lot of friends and connections. I have decided that I just can't compete with resellers and need to target art fairs and festivals rather than craft fairs.

So now, dear family... you are up to date!

Now I am off to clean and do the grocery shopping. Take care!


Unknown said...

Wonderful blog: heartwarming AND I would LOVE to have a library...we only have 4 bookcases in our home...nearly in every room! (and I've purged the books we don't need...)

Unknown said...

The post from "chrissy" apparently is really "Klymyshyn"...Chrissy is my daughter who has messed with my blogger identity --AGAIN!!!

Unknown said...

I love your homey blog post! Resellers make me sad :(

Anonymous said...

How exciting that you'll have an office soon! And sounds like your kids and grandkids are doing well. :)