Thursday, November 20, 2008

Winner of Last Week's Mini Raffle

Thanks to everyone who commented on my blog with ideas for felted nesting bowls! I have already started making a set in primary colors that can be used for bowls or very cool stacking /sorting toys for toddlers.

ARTISANNE is the winner and I just wanted to take a moment to share her shop with you as she has a very unique shop!

This is from her profile that describes her work ~~
Naturally recycled gems! Bottles, vases, automobile windows, glass from shipwrecks... in fact, anything made of glass that's been dumped in the sea and tumbled and turned for many, many years becomes Sea Glass. The longer it's swirling around, the purer and more perfect it becomes.

All Sea Glass & Pottery from ARTISANNE is 100% genuine & natural, tumbled by the sea, not by me! Every piece is collected by me from beautiful Scottish beaches!

Alzheimer's Research - I have an item in my shop at all times with 100% of the sale going to this worthy cause which will affect many of us one way or another.

Stop in and give her a visit... you will love what you find.

And Anne ~~ Enjoy your pin! Thanks again for participating ♥


Anonymous said...

What a great feature! I wish I'd known about the contest! LOL!


Thanks so much Val, I am so honoured to be in your blog and I can't wait to wear my new pin :0)