Sunday, March 8, 2015

Zuni Cardigan

I learn something new with nearly every project I knit, which is something that I think is amazing, since knitting really is only 2 stitches... Knit and Purl.

But there are so many, many ways to put them together that the end results are endless.  And the techniques in putting them together seam endless as well.
I knew when I started the Zuni Cardigan (pattern is in the 2015 Winter Issue of Interweave Knits) that I would learn a lot during this one.  Mainly seaming.  This sweater is knit in pieces, then knit together using the mattress stitch.  Now, this mattress stitch is not so hard, in fact it is quite easy to do and creates a nearly invisible join in pieces.  Well, that is true when sewing straight up the sides.  I had a bit of fiddling along the shoulders and arm openings.  I guess I need more practice at these points! But overall, it came out well and it won't be falling apart at the seams.

So, I've never done pockets before and I'm pretty sure that with this project I've learned how not to do them.  These are picked up along the bottom, knit straight up, then sewn on the top.  I think there is a way to do them from the inside, which I think would have been a lot neater.  I will definitely try a different method with my next project that requires pockets.

And of course, I am trying to master fair isle or stranded knitting.  This project was great for that as it just has some here and there. The trick is keeping track of every row so they line up properly.  (another reason I am determined to try STEEKING in the future, but that is another story altogether)

The shawl collar was fun with over 400 stitches to pick up.  This was not hard, just took along time.  I would put a stitch marker every 20 stitches so I didn't have to recount each time I lost track.

Anyway, it came out acceptable, could have been better, but I'm sure Sara will love it.  And I love the fact that I have 3 Christmas gifts done and it is only March!


Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Val - it's beautiful! Sara will love it, I'm sure.

Have a question, though - I know Knitting Daily's Kathleen Cubley was doing a Knit Along on this particular sweater. Did you knit along with her? She mentioned in her newsletter that it was in the issue but one could also do the Knit Along.

Three gifts and it's only March!

Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Also, meant to add I haven't learned the Mattress Stitch yet but I have knit swatches with a steek and cut them. It'll take courage to knit a sweater in the round and cut it but it is one of my goals.

I ordered yarn for the Fair Isle hat I want to try. Anxious to start it.

Did you like doing this Fair Isle pattern? Looks easy.

Valerie said...

I didn't do the KAL. I like doing fair isle, but I still need practice with tension with my right hand. I'm working on a felted bag with some fair isle, I figure good practice for tension that will 'wash out' so to speak.

This particular sweater was the most difficult project that I ever attempted. But it may be easy for those used to seaming sweaters!

Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Please post a photo of your felted piece when finished. It hadn't occurred to me a Fair Isle piece could felted, but, of course it could. Anxious to see it.

Have never knit a sweater I didn't have to seam until the coral ones I'm on. Still had to sew in the raglans, though.