Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cardigan Sweater, Boot Slippers, Pinwheel Pouch and an Owl

Christmas is coming FAST and projects are everywhere in my house.

Right now I have a poncho, a sweater, a pair of socks and a shawl all on the needles.

This week I was able to finish up a few, including this great cardigan sweater.  I originally intended this one was for my Mom, but the sizing came out a bit small.  I will need to order yarn and start over 2 sizes bigger, but the pattern is super easy and it is a quick knit. This pattern is available on ravelry here for $5.00 by Megan Goodacre.  The pattern is well written and a very quick knit, well worth $5..
Just make sure you check your gauge and select the right size.
This one will go to my very petite friend!

These house boot slippers were super fun to make and are for daughter Erin.  In lieu of chunky yarn, I used double strands of worsted.  The pattern can be found here and is FREE!
I did some modifications to the pattern itself, but mine came out very similar:

This cute, cute mini pouch is perfect for my neighbor girl.. Plan to put a bit of cash in there for her!
The pattern can be found here and is also FREE

And lastly, another free pattern for this fun fun fun owl.  Knit up with scraps and left over buttons, this is for my son's girlfriend who really likes owls... Total project time for this one was about an hour.  Can't beat that!

Hoping you all have your holiday projects going in full swing and are closer to completion that I am!
Happy Knitting

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Hi! It's been ages since I've been near my blog and the only connection I have to yours is via mine. I've missed your writings and staying in touch. Just now I stumbled across how to get to my blog. :< I love this purple sweater. Beautiful work! I'm working on a slouchy cabled cowl. Knit a few neck warmers with buttons for Christmas gifts. Also knit a stranded red with white "snowflakes" sweater for my grand daughter with four sheep across the front and four across the back. After that I attempted my first doll sweater to match. She was delighted. I wrapped them up separately. Hope you all enjoyed a nice Christmas and have a healthy, happy new year.