Sunday, March 24, 2013

Freestyle Knitting

My most recent shawl project is finished with a bit of a twist with the design.

I normally follow patterns or design elements that require full concentration, calculation and counting. But for this one I decided to try something a bit different.

I had a hank of stunningly gorgeous handdyed yarn with a bit of sparkle that I bought at a fiber festival. This is the WINK line from the Periwinkle Sheep. I am such a huge fan of Karin's handdyed yarns that I use it when ever I can.

My thoughts on this shawl were that I really wanted the yarn to stand out so I didn't want to have a design element that would take away from the beauty of the yarn. As I loving cast on for the shawl I told myself not to rush, listen to the yarn and decide where to go as I knit.

After I completed a few repeats with some texture and lace elements, I felt that some cable work would fit nicely along the bottom. And it did!

I must say, that this was one of my most enjoyable knitting experiences with no counting, charting or hard thinking.  And what beats kntting up a hank of the Periwinkle Sheep's handdyed gorgeous yarn?

What is on your needles?

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