Sunday, July 29, 2012

Working Vacation 2012

This summer we decided to have a working vacation.

We started our vacation with a quick trip to Vermont and got to see Warren and take him to the local fair.  He had a ball on the rides and Daryl had fun watching the truck pull competition.

We got back home and set right to work on building the side porch.  Keep in mind that our house was built in the mid 1800's and nothing is square, plumb or level.  So, it has taken a full 6 days to get it where it is now, and probably another couple week ends to get it done. 

But even though it is not completed, I spent the early morning sitting on the porch knitting. I absolutely treasure this time of day, when my family is sleeping and there is no electronic noises through out the house. I sipped some good coffee, listened to the the various birds singing good morning and finished the edging on the baby blanket for grandbaby # 3 (coming in December 2012).

We find out if the baby is a boy or girl on 8/6/2012.  I plan to crochet either pink or brown along the outer edge once we know.  Keep your fingers crossed for a girl! 

Even though I worked harder physicially than when I go to my day job, I had one of the best vacations! It was great to spend time with hubs and work on a project together.

I'll post some pics when the porch is completely done, as there still is alot to do, but for now, I totally enjoyed the half that is done!

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Valerie, my goodness. What a nice blog. I won't leave my name but you know who I am - we talked today at the Craft Fair about various topics, including showing me the beautiful stole you had hanging in the corner and about the husband who, at one show, bought a similar one for his wife, about our knitting, the
"honeycomb" pattern, our blogs, and my husband, the ski coach. Nice visiting with you. Have to go check out your site.