Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit Leaf Shawls

Ok, so technically it is Monday and Labor Day has come.  Summer is winding down and it's time to get down to business. Whether you are headed back to school, getting ready for winter or just need to get started on some knitting projects, the season has come.  Get your knitting needles out and cuddle up with some yarn.

Today I am featuring 2 more lacy shawls.  Both are the same falling leaf pattern, but each one came out quite differently.

Early Fall Leaves is knit with soft shades of oranges, blues, greens, and lavenders.  I love the way the colors worked out and it is perfect for those sunny but cool autumn days.

Using the exact same pattern, I knit Adirondack Fall Leaves in deep, rich rust and added tiny glass beads to each leaf with a 3 bead cluster at each scallop point.  This shawl is for the serious leaf peeper! 

 Today is a dark rainy day, so I've started knitting an afgahn with cables and leaves.  With each row I get more excited to start the next row just to see the design come to life. 

I hope you are all getting your knitting projects planned and started. 

Keep you needles clicking!


Little Wren said...

Absolutely lovely work. Makes me wish it was colder here already. :)

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