Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Knitting with Beads

Good Morning!  When we last left off, I was working on a pair of Two at at Time Toe Up socks.  After working on them for 2 weeks, I finally decided to rip them out and move on to another project.  Maybe if I try again from scratch I will have better luck with them.

So for now, I have redirected my efforts on learning how to knit with beads. I have several shawl patterns lined up in which I want to add beads, so I thought I would practice on a scarf before I tried the shawls. 

I'm using a method that my close friend, April has described during our knitting group and I think it is much easier than stringing the beads on the yarn.  You will need a very small crochet hook (I'm using size 2.  I can't tell what alpha size it is, but you will get the idea from the photos... it is very, very small).

After charting out the pattern and determining where bead placement, have a small bowl filled with the beads and the crochet hook handy.

When you are ready to place the bead follow the steps below:
1) Put the bead on the crochet hook

2) Pull the working stitch off the left hand needle with the crochet hook:

3) Slip the bead off the hook and onto the working stitch:

4) Place the working stitch back on to the left hand needle:

5) Knit the stitch and continue with pattern.

So far, I am really enjoying knitting with beads in this method.  For this project I am using a very delicate lace weight mohair yarn and size 3 knitting needles.  Because the mohair is so extremely light and almost weight-less, the beads are adding some weight which I think will make the scarf more practicle for daily use. 

I hope you will give this a try and let me know what you think!  April - thanks so much for sharing your technique with me!  Once this scarf is done, I'm going to cast on the "Dog Gone Lifeline Shawl" and add some beads to it!

I also finished spinning 4 oz of this wonderful mohair wool blend this week.  The colors are amazing when looked at closely with shades of blues and bits of lavenders and purples.  It is about a fingering weight yarn and I think will make a lovely wrap. ... another project on my to do list!

Enjoy your week and Happy Knitting! 

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Govi said...

What stitch is that? It looks beautiful!