Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Ascot Cable Neckwarmer

Today I a featuring a knit neckwarmer using a diamond cable design.   This lavender beauty is knit with Sandnes brand Alpakka yarn and is super soft.  I used 2 strands of yarn and the project took just over 2 skiens of yarn to complete.

This stitch is easy to memorize and is the same stitch used in some of my other work, including a hat and headband. I'm working on perfecting the pattern for this ascot neckwarmer which will be available after testing has been completed.

I found that I definately needed to block this item as it rolled in the worst way. This is just the right length to fit in the bottom of my bathtub - so I layed a towel down and blocked it right there in the tub for 2 days.

My slow season is approaching so I've started to use this time to knit some Christmas gifts for my family. So I won't be able to show what I'm working on here because I never know if my family checks in here or not. All I can say is this - my goal for 2011 Christmas season is for everyone close to me to receive a hand knit gift of some sort.

What's on your needles today? 


Melinda said...

I love giving handmade gifts, this past Christmas my girls and I decided that only handmade gifts were going under the tree (books were the only exception!). What an amazing collection of goodies we ended up with, truly treasures.

I love the colors of that scarf, so warm. :)

Cozy Noggin said...

Beautiful scarf! I too have been planning out Holiday gifts for 2011. On my needles? A little white birdy on my dps and a little ladybug hat on my round. Cheers!