Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Meet Raven an Angora Bunny

What is softer than Angora? My daughter Katie has a pet bunny.... not just any bunny, but an Angora bunny named Raven. My other daughter Sara breeds angora bunnies and gave Raven to Katie. Although I was originally against having a bunny here, I have found that this bunny has its advantages!

Raven is a mixed Angora bunny who has the life of leisure. Basically, all she does is eat, sleep and grow hair. Beautiful, luxurious, softer than soft, light as a feather hair.

Last weekend Katie groomed Raven and brought me a basket full of her wool, which I immediately started to spin. It came out a bit lumpy bumpy, but I am very happy with the result. I plan to knit this up with some commercial merino as a neck warmer. We all need a soft touch around our necks!

From bunny to yarn - totally home-grown, hand harvested, hand spun and purely natural!


crochetgal said...

Congratulations on starting to spin. I can tell that you are having some fun with it.

Moe said...

wow! I would give anything to have the resources, skill, all around coolness to spin on a spinning wheel. I just got a drop spindle and am fighting to spin fiber! I love the idea of home grown yarn with no middle man. Good job!

popping by from an etsy blog thread :)

Pink Tiger said...

Aww Raven is adorable, how great that you get to spin your wool from your pet!! :)