Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Morning Knit Wit ~ Socks

My current project is making my very first pair of socks. 

I don't know how this ever happened, but although I have been knitting for over 30 years, I have been avoiding knitting socks.  I think it was the 'turning a heel' area that scared me enough to avoid even thinking about socks. Oh, I made baby booties before and actually did a modified heel, but they really don't count.

And my mother-in-law was the Sock Queen.  She could whip up the most perfect pair of socks from the basic to the most complex, including color work.  So, perhaps there was an underlying fear that I knew anything I made just couldn't compare to her work.

Up until last Thursday I would just smile and stay silent when knitters talked about their sock projects.  But during my knitting group, I announced that I was a sock virgin.  Gasps could be heard all the way to Alaska - "You've never knit a pair of socks!?!?!?!!?" was said in unision.  As I turned completely red and acknowledge that this was true, I knew that I had to make at least one pair.  And as our knitting group meets at one of the most well stocked yarn shop, I came home with a book, size 1 double pointed needles and a skein of sock yarn.

The book: Sensational Knitted Socks - by Charlene Schurch

I like this book  because she has charted out sizes and walks you through different methods - toe up, top down and even has a short-row heel method. 

The needles: Clover Double Pointed Size 1 in bamboo

The yarn: Trekking Brand - 75% wool 25% Nylon

I selected a simple top down pattern and worked through my first sock with the bamboo needles. I was mainly focused on the mechanics and although the sock came out a bit "wobbly", I did knit all the important parts correctly, but the tension was just not consistant.  Once on my foot, the imperfections don't show, but I wasn't happy.

I am lucky enough to have gotten my mother-in-laws knitting needle collection when she passed away and while I was kntting this wobbly sock, I kept thinking how perfect her socks turned out.  So for the second sock I switched to her aluminum needles and I believe the tension is much better so far.

Today is a cold rainy day - perfect for a knit-a-thon.  I plan to finish the second sock and I already have ideas for my second pair of socks.  I have learned that although I love bamboo needles for the most part, aluminum needles seem to work the best for me with socks... or is it just that Mary Claire's needles have a bit of magic?  I will never know for sure, but I will keep those needles safe and use them for all my future sock projects.  (thank you MC, I love and miss you)

Until next week - keep your needles clicking!

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April said...

Wow! You are no longer a sock virgin! Terrific job. How did you get them done so fast????