Thursday, May 6, 2010

Zumba ~ Way Too Much Fun!

About 2 months ago I started going to a weekly Zumba workout in Forestport, NY.  I really didn't know what to expect and believe me... I was never one for dancing.  But I really needed something to get me moving and so I went.  Who knew I would love it?  I mean, this workout has become the highlight of my week.

I've never sweat so much, laughed so much or just enjoyed being with other people as this bunch of gals.  We meet in the old school in a little bitty town with the windows wide open and the music so loud it can be heard in the next county and just let it all out. 

Jeanie and Annie

Our instructor, Anne, is the best!  She has so much energy that we can't help but get into the groove.  I asked her to talk a bit about herself and here is what she has to say:
I grew up the child 2 Cuban refugees that came over from Cuba in the late 1950's when the "Cuban Revolution" was starting to brew and Communism was starting to plant roots amongst the people. My mom and dad could see this, so they decided to immigrate over to the USA. We grew up in New York city and Miami, that is where our family was.

Later on in adulthood, I adopted the Fitness lifestyle. In my 20's it was Aerobics, both step and regular. I was also a runner. In my 30's it was other Fitness ventures, long distance biking and Spinning. Anything I did had to be propelled by music. Wether it was a "SONY WALKMAN" or an 'IPOD" or a Super pulsating dance club in New York City like "STUDIO 54" or "THE LIMELIGHT".

In the Latin culture, you dance at every and any gathering. It is just the way it is. Salsa, Merengue, all of it. From the minute a latin baby is born, it dances its way out of the Womb. Ha! Ha! I think that is because Salsa music is playing in the delivery room. Anyway, When ZUMBA started coming around, I looked into it and got my certifications. What was really amazing is that there really is no where in the NORTH COUNTRY that lends itself to a Disco or Dance Club.

For the most part, my observations have been that folks need to drink alcohol to really "let their hair down and DANCE" . So when I began the classes, I noticed how really fun it was and people were also getting a workout and leaving elated and happy. It's almost like a session with a therapist. Today life is so busy and full of pressure and commitment. How many people really go out and have fun? even if it is just for 1 hour. I have always loved the group fitness enviroment cause it is so infectious. With ZUMBA, you can move at your pace as if you would at a party. When we go to a party and dance, like a wedding for example, we don't check out how everyone else is dancing. We hear the music individually and interpret the rythym and it takes you over, before you know it, you are dancing.

Everyone can have fun and get fit regardless of your fitness level or dance background. I hoot and holler and I encourage everyone to do the same. As a matter of fact, in my childrens class which is called ZUMBATOMIC, I tell the kids to yell and scream to thier hearts desire when the music starts. Where else can a child do this? I think that is healthy. And they are getting exercise too. I am also starting a ZUMBA GOLD which is for Seniors and folks with physical limitations, even wheelchair. I am excited about it. What makes this most fulfilling for me though, is the JOY it brings to people. That I can be a catalyst for something so good, something that can bring happiness to so many, make my life so meaningful.

If you are local and want to book Annie for a wedding, party or just any occasion you can contact her at and join the party ~ the Zumba way!   Or if your in Forestport NY on a Monday evening between 6-7pm - join us for just $5.

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It sounds like loads of fun....used to do Jazzercise many moons ago!!! Love it!

Momma J said...

What a fun time!

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...

Good for you! Glad to hear that you enjoy it so much!! Enjoy!