Saturday, July 18, 2009

Branch Designs ~ One of my favorite etsy shops

Last week I was just browsing about etsy and I came across a fantastic shop.

I am a potter-wanna-be. I know absolutely nothing about it, but I admire the shapes, colors and function of pottery. I drool over hand made vessels, bowls and vases. And when I stumbled on Sarah's shop I stopped in my tracks. She represents everything that I love - combining nature, whimsy and practicality in beautiful useful items.

If you are a lover too, you must visit Branch Designs and stroll through her shop. Go slowly ~ I'll warn you each piece holds little detailed surprizes as you view each wonderful piece!

Here is a snippet about Sarah that makes me love her shop even more! (I just know we would be kindred spirits if we met in real life)
My name is Sarah Branch. I'm happily living back in my hometown with my little family.
Its beautiful here, the ocean, beaches and woods leave me constantly amazed and inspired.
Making pots is one of my favorite things to do.I'm all about function...i love making things for people to use and appreciate. I want my pots to bring joy and character and maybe a little quirkiness into your everyday life.
I love making jewelery and sewing bags too..but its what i do when i cant make pots...and have some very rare free time.
Most recently i graduated from the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design...but since then haven't stayed in one place long enough to set up a studio..until recently! I am now a proud squater in my very own little piece of is good!!

So, I could see my day starting early in the morning sipping some coffee from this beautiful cup:

While knitting a soft and warm scarf using this fabulous yarn bowl that will keep my yarn from rolling of the porch:

And then desperately trying to decide which buttons to attach to the scarf ~ Oh, the choices are just too hard!

Hoping you will stop by and say hello to Sarah ~ She has much, much more than what is displayed here. ♥♥♥


sewinggranny said...

Great blog on a very neat artist!!!

Theresa G said...

Really cool shop! Just wanted to let you know that your link takes me to branchdesign on etsy, not branchdesigns. Fabulous seller!

daphnis said...

I love her work! I need some of those buttons!