Saturday, June 6, 2009


When we bought this old house 6 years ago, the grounds were over grown from years of neglect. But beyond the growth, I found so many wonderful old fashioned flowers and can't help but think of the women who tended these flowers so meticulously at one time.

I found several iris plants that were smothered in weeds along with what must have been one of the main gardens as they were mixed with rose bushes, blackberry plants, flox, daffodils, violets, tiger lillies and lillies. Two years ago, I cleaned this patch out and moved the lilies, tiger lilies and iris to a new spot that I built with rocks that were found by the old barn foundation. This new flower garden has matured and is doing wonderful!

The iris are in full bloom and the lilies will follow soon!

I left violets, flox, roses and black berries where they were, and I notice that the berry bush is coming along great too! Last year we had enough berries for a pie and some cereal toppings. It was the best pie I ever made and I can't wait for them to ripen this year.

Many, many thanks to the women who gave me all these wonderful flowers and never even knew me. I hope you are happy with what I have done with them.


Unknown said...

Your iris is beautiful! Lilies are one of fav flowers and I wish i a yard to grow flowers. I hope you have twice as many berries this year :)

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Unknown said...

So lovely!