Saturday, October 18, 2008

Erin's Visit

Our oldest daughter, Erin, has been in the JET Programe (Japanese Teachers Exchange) for the last 4 years and has come home to visit us this week! The last time she was home was over 2 years ago for our other daughter's wedding.

We were so excited to see her again and we had a great time. We spent the first few days in Vermont with Sara and her family and then spent a couple of days shopping.

Here is Erin in our front yard ~ One with her Dad...and one with me ♥

We wisked her off to Vermont to visit Sara and we couldn't have picked a better time of year. The drive was lovely as all the trees were showing their colors:

Warren was in heaven ~ He had three days with Great Grandma(my mother), Grandma (me), two aunts (Katie and Erin) and his mom. We went to a apple cider mill, an aquarium in Burlington, stepped into New Hampshire for a bit and took the famous Quechee hike. The weather was perfect and when it came time for us to go home, he climbed into the back seat of my car and had a 'sit in', refusing to let us go. Nothing like getting spoiled by a bunch of women!

This Honey really isn't for sale:

Fun at the aquarium:

Stopping at a covered bridge:

Fun on the Quechee Trail:

Two sisters having fun:

We all had a grand time and will definately miss her when she goes back.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful "journal entry" - your part of the country is gorgeous and your family is so sweet...I personally wanna slobber a little bit on that adorable boy!

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

Sounds & looks like you had a fabulous time. What beautiful pictures. What a sweet family get together! =)

Homemade Zen said...

looks like you have fun there! Enjoy!

Nora said...

What a lovely family and your trip sounds like fun was had by all! Thanks for sharing with us...I am sure you will be missing your daughter when she goes back to Japan!

Momma J said...

Thank you for sharing - what a wonderful visit.