Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Who, Me? A Green Thumb?

I have tried for years to grow a vegetable garden. The key word is tried... and tried and tried.

One of my most memorable years was one in which we actually harvested 2 tomatoes and a very very sad looking cucumber.

Persistance must pay off though. Last year was a success by my standards, but this year..... well, this year is something else!

I am gathering huge bowls of beans every day. The summer squash has started and I am scared of what is to come. I found a 7 inch cucumber yesterday (yes, I measured it!)

Just take a look at these. And here is one plant that must have 40 or more growing on it.

My neighbors are starting to run the other way when they see me as I always have a bowl of beans or squash to give them.

Maybe next year I won't plant as much. Or I could actually learn how to can or freeze vegetables.
Either way, I am just so excited that things are growing for me and I am enjoying the fresh vegetables every day.


New England Quilter said...

Your persistence has paid off! I love it when my neighbor comes over with some fresh veggies! Your garden looks wonderful!

w said...

wow! that's awesome.

i, myself, am a brown thumb. if it's meant to grow in dirt
, it won't in my care.