Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Yarn Takes Over~~

Did you ever start a project with a specific design in mind but as you were working it the material just took over and the end product was not at all what you set out to make?

That happens to me quite often, in fact, very rarely does something come out as planned. Perhaps it is because I don't use patterns or write anything down. I usually just pick up a string of yarn and the hook or needles and as the piece is worked, it takes on it's own life. Oh, I will usually have a vision in my head of what I am going to make. Most of the time, it will come out fairly close to what I set out to make.

But there are times when I start one thing and the end product is totally different! That is the case with this wallet/ clutch that started out as a felted book. I had started knitting this as a cover for one of my newest toddler books, but by the time it was complete it had transformed itself into a wallet!
Hummm... how DID that happen?


Merka said...

Happens all the time!

Your end results are always gorgeous though, Val :)

I especially like how that wallet turned out. Very pretty.

Hippie Dippy Designs said...

Too true! My wine tote that is in my Etsy shop started out as a beanie!!!

I love all of your items they are so beautiful. = )