Friday, December 12, 2008

FAM Friday Feature ~~ TootsieandGrace

There are etsy shops and then there are etsy shops! I absolutely love TootsieandGrace and I keep an eye on this shop all the time to see what is new.

Tootsie and Grace is not your typical shop. It is a very talented mother daughter team that brings a toddlers scribbles to life.

About the Artists:

Gracie Hopkins is three years old. She loves drawing, singing, dancing, and pretending that she is Tuck the Turtle from the Wonder Pets. Her favorite colors vary daily, her favorite things to draw are princesses and baby jaguars, and her favorite food is scrambled eggs (so she says, but her mother has yet to see her really enjoy a plate of them).

Marisa Hopkins is 27, and an at home mom with two daughters, Gracie (obviously) and her one year old sister, Annelie, who also loves to draw, but whose scribbles seem a little uninspired. Marisa graduated from San Jose State University in CA with a degree in Creative Arts. She hopes to one day get into children's book writing and illustrating, but in the meantime, is having a whole lot of fun with this shop.

Here is how these masterpieces start:

And by magic they turn into this:

And if you have a fresh little artist of your own, check out her listing for one Custom Cuteness Illustration Deluxe Package featuring your own child’s artwork

Stop by and give this team some lovin' at TootsieandGrace.... They will be very happy to see you!



Wow Val, what a fantastic shop!! :0)

Allie said...

What a wonderful idea! Thank you, Valerie for introducing me to another incredible new shop!

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic shop! I love that shop. Thank you for sharing. n_n Love your blog too.

Anonymous said...

I love this shop, Marisa and Gracie are both very talented artists :)

Unknown said...

*Marisa and Gracie are grinning from ear to ear as they read this*

Aw, thanks for the lovely feature, Val!! This made my day!!