Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Audrey ~ Handknit Red Lace Shawl

My lastest shawl is named Audrey, after Audrey Hepburn. 

There are many different shades of red and last fall, I went searching for just the right shade of red yarn for a shawl project.  I finally found this amazing hand-dyed yarn with a bit of sparkle from The Periwinkle Sheep.  I absoultely fell in love with this yarn that she had named Audrey Hepburn. I didn't know that Audrey's favorite color was red, but I am glad that it was!

 I didn't have a pattern in mind, I just new that I wanted to knit a red shawl.

Everyday since October, I had glanced at my cherished yarn, knowing that one day it would become a shawl and last week, I finally cast on and knitted a shawl that I feel keeps the classic simplicity of Audrey in mind.  

I chose a simple, yet classic design to allow the beauty of the yarn to be the main attraction.

Simple, but gorgeous, as was Audrey.

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Tall Cottage Thoughts said...

Right on both counts. Very pretty.